Mothernode Case Study:

Big D Cats

Big D Cats sees significant rise in customer service and sales after deploying Mothernode

The Company

Since 2007, Big D Cats has entertained families, groups, and businesses, large and small, with the largest and most diversified fleet of boat rentals and party boats in the north Texas region. They operate six locations across four major area lakes, and provide a wide variety of boats from Wave Runners and power boats, to pontoons and large party boats with up to 110-passenger capacity.

The Challenge

As with many growing businesses, Big D Cats did not initially utilize a CRM application in their daily business operations. While Outlook helped to manage typical email communications, it lacked the organization and broad capabilities that were required to address all of their sales and customer service needs.

“Prior to our company implementing Mothernode CRM, tracking new sales opportunities and existing customer activities, and entering data related to these activities were a major challenge”, noted Gina Khoury, Office Manager, Big D Cats.  Considering their business operations and workflow, Gina added that not having the right tools resulted in a “Lack of visibility” into critical customer activity.

The ability to stay on-top of sales prospects and current customers is very important to Big D Cats, and using their prior tools they had no “follow-up capabilities or ability to assign tasks, so we felt like we were missing opportunities, which compromised revenue production”, Gina added.

The Mothernode Solution

Big D Cats made the move toward a comprehensive, effective CRM solution by implementing Mothernode CRM Sales and Marketing Edition in 2011. With a robust, complete CRM service in place, they are now able to organize and access their business data, follow-up with customers and prospects faster than ever, and immediately impact annual revenue.

Mothernode CRM’s Marketing functionality also enabled them to develop lead capture forms to easily place on their website pages. When a prospect or customer completes one of these forms on their website, the form information instantly communicates to their Mothernode CRM account as a lead. Gina and her team members can now view the new lead right away and immediately follow-up while the interest is still strong.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

Once Big D Cats fully deployed Mothernode CRM Sales and Marketing Edition, they saw an immediate improvement in customer service and overall team productivity.  Gina emphasized the word “Organization” in terms of what she appreciates most about Mothernode CRM, as customer and prospect data organization and visibility has improved dramatically, not to mention the improvement of her team’s ability to organize customer/prospect activities including tasks and follow-ups.

“We saw a 100% increase in accessibility to customer and prospect information”, noted Gina. Building on this dramatic improvement in accessibility, they are able to take advantage of the many Mothernode CRM functions that enable them to distribute leads from their website directly into Mothernode CRM, quickly follow-up with customers and new prospects, and assign related tasks to team members, all resulting in enhanced responsiveness and ultimately increased revenue.

“Mothernode CRM has helped us to improve our sales through its follow-up and task management functions. Being able to consistently follow-up with our customers enables us to deliver great customer service, which has led to improved sales volume including lots of repeat business”, added Gina.

Speaking of great customer service, Gina shared that her customer service and support experience when working with her account management team at Mothernode CRM has been equally outstanding. “Mothernode CRM provides amazing customer service, anytime I call they always have positive energy and are very helpful.”

Benefits and Results (Recap)
  • 25% improvement in productivity

  • 100% increase in information accessibility
  • 25% improvement in the sales process

  • 25% improvement in sales conversions

  • 25% increase in annual revenue


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Industry: Tourism, Recreation

Products Evaluated: Salesforce

Mothernode Edition: Mothernode Enterprise

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