Mothernode Case Study:


National medical supply distributor ditches spreadsheets and deploys Mothernode to grow sales

The Company

Avcor Health is a Texas corporation that develops, manufactures and markets premium medical devices, since it was established in 1984.

The Challenge

Avcor strives to produce the highest-quality products that offer cost-savings, maximum utility, comfort, and ease of use for patients. The company’s products include latex-free elastic, cold compression bandages, surgical lighting devices, tourniquet straps, and an assortment of plastic products that are used for surgical purposes.

The company has recently been on the fast track to growth. With sales representatives located nationwide, direct communication with medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and veterinarians is a necessity for selling a variety of specialty items. However, along with such expansion comes challenges, and Avcor Health began hitting a growth ceiling. It was time to streamline their operations and manage their sales processes more efficiently in order to accommodate consistent growth, with fewer obstacles.

The company’s in-house ordering system was old and not functioning up to par. And to make matters worse, it didn’t have a CRM. All sales representatives are spread out around the United States, which created limitations when attempting to share information with each other. Real-time communication was limited to email updates and cumbersome pipeline reporting in Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, there was no real-time reporting and no access to inventory data and client data, and the company’s headquarters had zero access to their sales reps’ contacts, prospects, leads, and other important data.

Avcor soon realized they needed to make crucial operational adjustments in order to handle their current level of expansion, and properly manage further growth. The consensus amongst the entire office and on the field was unanimous: It was time for a big change.

The Mothernode Solution

The search for a CRM solution began. Since on-premise systems are costly to setup and maintain, a 100 percent cloud-based platform would be much easier to use. Cloud technology would save the company money and allow faster deployment, resulting in increased productivity for both the sales reps and staff.

Initially, Avcor was looking toward implementing SAGE ERP, since it had a CRM component built in. In the end, the company chose Mothernode to manage the functions and features their reps depended on, and Mothernode would be eventually connected to Sage to share information regarding customers and products.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

Immediately after Avcor health deployed Mothernode, weekly sales meetings became more productive. Adoption of a CRM required everyone to be on the same page—and they had been 24/7/365. In addition, the company’s sales pipeline was visible to management whenever they needed to access it, and forecasting was available on demand. Countless hours were saved since deployment, while the task of updating Excel spreadsheets had been eliminated.

The sales team now has more time to prospect and sell instead of spending time working on administrative updates and communication. Mothernode CRM consolidated their activity and improved collaboration between sales reps, as the majority of their correspondence on client accounts takes place inside the CRM. Mothernode has allowed Avcor to regain numerous hours of administrative work, and transform that newly-gained time into increased production.

Implementing Mothernode was the first strategic initiative the organization put into place, propelling their thriving business—even further.


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Industry: Medical Supply Distribution

Products Evaluated: Salesforce, Sage

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