Mothernode Case Study:

Modulex (Carolinas)

Modulex (Carolinas) grows from 3 employees to over 30. Mothernode was their business platform every step of the way.
The Company

Modulex provides a variety of services that support exterior and interior signage implementation. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company was established in 2009 and provides planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, wayfinding, and continuous support of architectural signage programs.

The Challenge

Modulex experienced varying degrees of operational difficulty due to their available resources, or lack thereof. The company used Salesforce and Excel to run their business and record data, but those two platforms were insufficient for their workforce of 11-20 employees. Salesforce was more costly and focused primarily on customer management and sales activities, which eventually caused their sales process to suffer.

“Prior to Mothernode, Modulex used a combination of Excel for Quotes/Orders/Purchase Orders, and then Salesforce for the prospecting and CRM side of the business. The challenges faced were: dual entry of information by our sales and operations staff, lacking the ability to internally communicate during the transition from sales to operations, and the inability to track costs to projects.

The entire process was fragmented and prevented management from seeing the entire company’s projects, purchases, and a proactive report on how the company is doing. Salesforce gave us a CRM, but that was tied just to the sales side of the business. However, with not knowing all the projects we were working on due to lack of data from ongoing projects, we were not able to tie relationships together during the sales process,” said John Elvington, Owner, Modulex.

The company manages numerous projects with a workforce located in multiple offices, so a product allowing seamless collaboration was long overdue; a product that could run their business from front to back—a complete solution. Prepared to find an end-to-end platform, the company cut ties with Salesforce and began the search for a more suitable CRM.

The Mothernode Solution

In 2014, Modulex made the switch to the ERP Edition of Mothernode. Once the CRM was fully deployed and implemented, the company began to solve many of their previous challenges. When asked what he liked best about Mothernode compared to the previous CRM, the owner replied, “[It was] a platform that supported the entire prospect/project process, from prospecting to accounts receivable. Salesforce did not allow this amount of support without a large investment.”

According to the owner, Mothernode included one particular Module or Feature which has impacted Modulex’ internal business processes and customer service delivery model more than any other. “[It’s] Order Management because there is so much critical data within this module from quotes to purchase orders, because the information within this module contains what clients are looking for—status of projects. All of the information is critical and having all this within one module allows efficient reporting, both internally and externally,” said John.

When asked how their methods of running the business prior to Mothernode caused pain points in their operations and workflow, the owner replied, “not having the ability to print a work-in- process, nor print relevant reports for various individuals in the company that contained relevant data to proactively manage projects. Mothernode, thru standard and custom reporting, allows us to print reports so we can see how a project managed versus planned as well as give management a tool for planning the coming weeks.”

Furthermore, adopting Salesforce and Excel as their primary tools contributed to the lack of organization, which proved to negatively impact their revenue and hampered their ability to provide the highest possible level of customer service. “Information related to orders was not in a central location; one person had all the information. As an owner, I want to see what is going on with projects at any given time, and not have to wait for information to be gathered in an archaic fashion.

Having to interrupt employees to give me reports or status on projects led to inefficiencies overall, as well as inconsistent information. We have implemented various reports that gives us a planned versus actual on projects; this gives us a great tool to see if we improved or where we failed in managing projects. As stated, Mothernode provides a central location for all information to be distributed through standard or custom reports; this is critical when it comes to managing a company,” said John.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

Although the owner relies heavily on the Order and Account Management Module to run Modulex, the entire Mothernode platform has fostered noticeable improvements within the organization. “[Since deploying Mothernode], it has touched every point of our process and improved the way the information is managed and delivered.

Mothernode provides a central location to store your company information so you can extract data that is meaningful for managing day-to-day sales and operational functions. Since each business model is not the same, the ability to customize within Mothernode to report information has been critical. The ease of creating these reports and extracting this information in a report has been great. In addition, the support by the Mothernode staff—especially Ken—has been extremely important and impressive over the past year.

I am not sure how our company would have been managed the way it has without Mothernode and the support structure in place. Mothernode is used in each step in the process, from CRM to accounts receivable. The access of information and the ease of working within Mothernode have hands-down supported us, above our expectations,” said John.

Benefits and Results (Recap)
  • 75% improvement in productivity
  • 50% improvement in internal collaboration
  • 100% increase in information accessibility
  • 75% Reduction is redundancy
  • 50% improvement in the sales process
  • 50% improvement in sales conversions

Location: Fort Mill, SC

Industry: Construction, Manufacturing

Products Evaluated: Salesforce, Shopvox, Keyedin

Mothernode Edition: Mothernode Enterprise

Users: 20+



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