Mothernode Case Study:


Pencco deploys Mothernode, streamlines sales process, and increases conversions by 25%

Mothernode is an invaluable tool to our sales, marketing, business development, accounting, and most importantly our business management processes.
– Grady Brown, President

The Company

Pencco is a leading national manufacturer and distributor of water and wastewater treatment chemicals. Founded in 1984, Pencco operates five manufacturing facilities and manages an extensive distribution network across the United States, with an emphasis on product quality, innovative manufacturing processes, and personalized service.

The Challenge

Pencco’s focus on growth, innovation, and service led to investigating opportunities to enhance productivity within their sales division. Word had been used to create quotes, Excel to track leads, quotes and sales activity, and email to communicate leads and quotes within their sales team. With a national presence and a sales staff that was constantly on the road, and without the use of a true solution, concerns arose regarding service, communication and tracking of sales activity.

Using Word and Excel created challenges for remote sales team members who needed to retrieve sales leads, quotes and critical customer information. “One of our challenges was that the sales team didn’t have access to quotes or customer information in an easy-to-find manner”, responded Sarah Duffy, Inside Sales Manager and Bid Secretary, Pencco.

Tracking and reporting data pertaining to leads, quotes and sales activity during the sales cycle was also a challenge, sometimes resulting in a lack of customer contact information and no “true” tracking function to ensure that follow-up and related tasks did not fall through the cracks. As for using Excel for sales activity tracking, Sarah noted that they had to perform redundant data entry on multiple excel spreadsheets to ensure that the data was seen by everyone while meeting their viewing requirements. She recognized that company revenue could be impacted by the additional time spent entering and subsequently retrieving data, “We spent too much time seeking data time and time again – the same data”, replied Sarah.

Additionally, given a remote sales team and locations across the country, employees faced the challenge of not being able to access one centralized application that provided easy access and sharing of data regardless of location.

The Mothernode Solution

Pencco decided to adopt a solution to enhance their sales function, and implemented Mothernode Sales Team Edition in 2016. Mothernode’s cloud technology enabled local and remote access to their users with internet access, immediately providing a centralized solution for sales team members flowing more productively through their sales cycles.

The Mothernode Sales Team Edition solution enables Pencco’s sales team to take advantage of the intuitive and fast quote creation process, including quote duplication and versioning functions that save time and ensure accuracy. The solution’s team-based approach also enables Pencco users across the U.S. to instantly view lead, quote and other customer-related sales activity, and easily communicate with team-members without having to leave the system. Mothernode Sales Team Edition empowers Sarah’s team to create and manage tasks, notes and appointments, and quickly run sales activity reports, again without having to leave the function that they are working in.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition has made an immediate impact on the efficiency and productivity of Pencco’s sales team. Sarah believes that the Quotes function has had the largest impact on improving both internal business processes and customer service. “Quotes are basically fill-in-the-blank now and much easier to complete”, responded Sarah.

Sarah’s ability to quickly create quotes is complemented by Mothernode’s ability to email quotes directly to recipients, instantly communicate quote activity to the sales team, and provide lead, quote, and sales activity status from one central location. Calendar, tracking and reporting capabilities have also enhanced customer follow-up and service activities. Sarah replied, “We have experienced better service and communication. It’s now easy for the sales team to find data and quotes that customers have received. Accessibility to data has improved greatly – one place to store everything. Sharing data between sales team members was made 100% easier!”.

In addition to Pencco’s substantial improvement of the sales team’s access to leads, quotes, sales activity and customer information, they have also seen substantial improvement in other areas including a 50% improvement in sales conversion and overall productivity.

Given Pencco’s locations in Texas, California and North Carolina, and additionally a sales team that spends significant time on the road, Mothernode’s cloud technology has provided anywhere-anytime access to Pencco users, optimizing productivity and sales revenue production. Considering recent and past flood-related events in Southeast Texas that have prevented employees from entering their office building at times, Mothernode’s solution has empowered Sarah to work remotely when needed to create quotes, manage sales activity and effectively communicate with the sales team, all while maintaining maximum productivity.

Benefits and Results (Recap)
  • 50% improvement in productivity

  • 25% improvement in internal collaboration

  • 100% increase in information accessibility

  • 25% improvement in the sales process

  • 25% improvement in sales conversions


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Industry: Manufacturing

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Mothernode Edition: Mothernode Enterprise

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