Mothernode Case Study:


Pharmaceutical Data Company abandons SugarCRM mid-contract and moves to Mothernode

The Company

PIPCo (Partners in Pharmacy Cooperative) is a member-owned cooperative of independent pharmacies. With members in 19 states, PIPCo supports independent pharmacies in a market that is traditionally dominated by chain stores.

They provide services such as branded goods at an invoice cost, and access to contracts with health care service provider, Cardinal Health. With a core mission of helping independent pharmacies profit and succeed, PIPCo prioritizes communication, problem-solving, and personalized customer service.

The Challenge

PIPCo was recently acquired by a larger firm; one of the key factors in this acquisition was the amount of data that they had acquired. The cooperative’s decision to implement Mothernode CRM was based on experience and need for a highly capable, flexible software for this large amount of data. They were using SugarCRM, but the amount of time spent maintaining the application and data had become unsustainable. Each month, several hours were spent updating fields, tables, reports, and calculations. Not only was this time-consuming, but there was the potential for human error when inputting the data.

In addition, after SugarCRM rolled out a new user-interface recently, PIPCo experienced some issues with regard to response time. This resulted in decreased productivity for remote employees. PIPCo decided to replace SugarCRM with Mothernode only two months into their contract, despite the fact that they had paid subscriptions for 12-months. While satisfied with the insight SugarCRM gave them after a sale, PIPCo had identified concerns and areas for improvement.

PIPCo felt their visibility into their sales process was inadequate. With little or no ability to track how long it took to convert a lead into an account, or what percentage of prospects resulted in a win, they felt the time was right to implement a new CRM system. Missed opportunities for new business from legitimate leads existed because they were unable to discern success or failure with aspects of their sales process. As well as missed opportunities, they were failing to follow-up qualified leads, and they identified the risk that they could be focussing their efforts on in the wrong areas.

The Mothernode Solution

PIPCo didn’t receive much guidance when they implemented SugarCRM. As a result, they made some poor database design decisions which impacted their ability to use some of the features in the system, such as sales forecasting, and sales/leads tracking. Mothernode was keen to avoid this happening in the implementation of their new software.

Mothernode worked with PIPCo to develop a customized module to track a large amount of data and after working through a few hiccups, the system now meets their reporting needs. The custom module provides all the data they need at a glance. ‘’I like that I can see the interaction we’ve had with our customers while viewing other pieces of data,’’ reported Tracie Heyrman, Chief Operating Officer at PIPCo. To further accommodate their requirements, Mothernode invoices can be imported into Dynamic accounting, the business accounting software which PIPCo uses.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

Primarily, PIPCo says they have much greater visibility into their sales process. Improvements include an increased ability to track where sales leads are in the process. PIPCo is now able to track how successful leads are, how often, in what circumstances, and how long the process takes from start to finish. They are also able to monitor where leads do not work out and identify reasons for failure, with a view to implementing positive changes.

Tracie Heyrman, Chief Operating Officer, reported vastly superior response times and an improvement in individualized attention with Mothernode, in comparison to SugarCRM. Reporting a huge improvement from a maintenance point of view, Heyrman also noted improvement in internal collaboration, as well as in sales conversions. Heyrman reported a significant improvement in productivity, in accessibility to information, and in sales processes overall.

“Prior to Mothernode, we were flying blind with regard to our sales process. With Mothernode, we can easily see how our opportunities are progressing through the pipeline and analyze our successes and failures.” said Heyrman approvingly.

When asked about which aspect had the largest impact on improving internal business processes, Heyrman identified the advantages that the new Outlook plug-in feature brings: “Now we can easily archive messages related to an account but not sent to/from the account.”

Crucially, PIPCo has reported a considerable decrease in the amount of time spent maintaining their system, freeing up time to concentrate on other core business. Primarily responsible for PIPCo’s reporting, Heyrman enthused, “We’re a small company and I’m a busy gal! Mothernode has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend maintaining our CRM data.”

Benefits and Results (Recap)

50% improvement in productivity
75% improvement in maintenance
75% improvement in internal collaboration
50% improvement in accessibility to information
50% improvement in sales process
75% improvement in sales conversion


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Products Evaluated: Sugar CRM, prior to Mothernode 

Mothernode Edition: Mothernode Enterprise

Users: 10



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