Mothernode Case Study:

Remote Medical Technologies

Cutting-edge provider of dynamic telemedicine systems replaces Salesforce and improves sales and marketing productivity.

Mothernode is an invaluable tool to our sales, marketing, business development, accounting, and most importantly our business management processes.
– Grady Brown, President

The Company

Founded in 2002, Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) is a major provider of state-of-the-art real-time telemedicine systems to healthcare organizations across the U.S. and internationally.

The Challenge

RMT’s primary focus is providing live dynamic image sharing for instant collaboration between medical experts. They take the conventional way doctors share medical images remotely and transform the process into a colorful, live and high-definition experience that’s delivered through the internet. Their mission is to bring to doctors and specialists exactly what they visually need to do their jobs with excellence, while helping healthcare organizations lower costs and improve patient outcomes. As a result, RMT places tremendous emphasis on the technology and processes used to market and sell to these healthcare organizations, and in 2015 they determined that their CRM at the time ( could not meet their evolving needs.

A Salesforce customer for ten years, Remote Medical Technologies ultimately concluded that their CRM did not fit RMT’s business processes and created numerous inefficiencies. Different applications had to be used to accomplish email marketing and CRM functions. Additionally, RMT regularly participates in medical industry trade shows, so the process of importing trade show leads, with prompt follow-up by the sales team, became very manual, complex and cumbersome.

“RMT was overpaying for a CRM solution that contained too many features and options that were beyond our business processes. We were in search of a solution that was not convoluted and did not contain additional manual processes for our sales team,” reported Anne Khan, Marketing Manager, Remote Medical Technologies.

RMT also determined that Salesforce inefficiencies could compromise customer service and ultimately company revenue. “Our sales team did not receive the proper training on how to effectively and efficiently utilize the previous system. Sales contacts were not being followed up on and projected sales reports contained invalid information. We found that much valuable time had been wasted on recurring data entry from multiple team members, and our sales team had difficulty accessing contacts to acquire up-to-date information on account status. This was very unproductive to our process and led to too much time wasted on ‘fact-finding missions’ by our sales representatives,” noted Anne.

The Mothernode Solution

Remote Medical Technologies made the change from Salesforce to Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition, completing deployment and implementation in 2015. RMT realized immediate benefits from Mothernode CRM given that both email marketing and sales functions are now seamlessly accomplished from the same application, eliminating the need for multiple and disjointed software solutions.

“Mothernode is very user-friendly and cost-effective,” added Anne. RMT’s sales team members travel frequently, so face-to-face communication opportunities are limited to just a few times per month. Mothernode CRM’s cloud technology is a perfect fit for on-the-road team members, providing access from any internet connection, anywhere, anytime, always providing team members with the most current customer information and keeping everyone on the same page.

Benefits and Results of Using Mothernode

RMT reports a 75% increase in overall productivity after canceling Salesforce and implementing Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition, which precisely fits their sales processes, eliminates duplicated data, and makes it easy to locate leads and other customer-related information. The ability to immediately import and manage leads from trade shows enables sales team members to quickly locate leads, follow-up with prospects, and close more business in less time.

“Our CEO and sales reps are finding that the implementation of Mothernode has significantly simplified the sales process. Lead entry and event notes are easy to find, and sales projections are easily deciphered. We can quickly access leads and opportunities to manage prospects and update our sales pipeline,” responded Anne.

Mothernode CRM has also helped to improve the company’s access to information by 75% through its anywhere-anytime cloud technology and user-friendly, intuitive interface to efficiently and quickly locate desired data.

Moving from Salesforce to Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition also resulted in improvements to RMT’s customer service using features that ensure optimal team communication and customer follow-up. “The Quick Follow-Up feature in Mothernode CRM’s Events function is a great tool for improving customer service,” added Anne.

Benefits and Results (Recap)
  • 75% improvement in productivity
  • 50% improvement in internal collaboration
  • 75% increase in information accessibility
  • 50% improvement in the sales process
  • 25% improvement in sales conversions

Location: Melville, NY

Industry: Healthcare, Technology

Products Evaluated: Salesforce, Infusionsoft

Mothernode Edition: Mothernode Enterprise

Users: 10



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