Enjoy Report Automation

Never forget to run a report again with Mothernode’s automated reporting.

Customize your reporting and KPIs.

Take control of your data with custom reports and dashboards that provide powerful visual insights. Make the most out of critical business information to make informed decisions quickly!

  • Easily create custom reports from any module
  • Export your reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Automate custom report creation and distribution
  • Create customizable dashboards throughout your workflow
  • Share reports and dashboards with other users
  • Automatically send reports to third parties or customers
  • Access your dashboards using Mothernode mobile

“Forecasting is very difficult, especially when it involves the future.” 

 – Yogi Berra

That’s why Mothernode presents you with usable visuals that deliver meaningful insights that can help you better navigate your future.

Customize your dashboards
Customizable Dashboard

Unlock the power of data with a personalized and fully adjustable dashboard experience. Create an infinite array of dashboards for unprecedented insight into your business.

Automated Reports

Automated reporting helps take the manual labor out of producing regular updates on the data that matters most to you, enabling you to focus your time more efficiently and effectively. 

Mobile Analytics

Get crucial insights on-the-go with mobile dashboard access! Keep track of essential metrics wherever you go – stay in control even when away from the office.

Popular Features

Create Custom Reports

Quickly craft detailed, tailored reports with ease. Unlock a world of reporting capabilities and take your organization’s data analysis to the next level.

Create Forecasting Reports

Build customized dashboards to enable predictive analytics and long-term planning. Unlock the power of data visualization for smarter forecasting!

Personalize Your Dashboards

Create custom dashboards tailored to your unique needs. Enjoy effortless access to the relevant data that matters most!

Save Your Favorite Filters

Mothernode lets you set your favorite report filters for easy access to reports you access often. You can save your report directly in the drop down menu for quick access.

Duplicate Reports

Easily create multiple iterations of existing reports with just a few clicks and repurpose your reporting framework by adjusting the necessary variables.

Export to XLS

Analyze your data to its fullest potential by exporting it directly into Excel for a comprehensive exploration.

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Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved