Engage your Customers and Prospects

Reap the rewards of effortless marketing with automated tools – free up your time to tackle more complex tasks and take your business even further.

Engage your audience more, with less effort

With Mothernode’s email marketing and lead nurturing, it has never been easier to build relationships with your customers that last. Take advantage of our tools today and start connecting in a meaningful way!

  • You have Unlimited Contacts
  • For a limited time, we’re offering an unprecedented 25,000 emails per month
  • Create marketing lists to send one-off campaigns
  • Add your contacts to lead nurturing sequences
  • Get started quickly with Mothernode’s email design studio
  • Create plain-text emails and personalize them for your users

“Give people quality. That’s the best kind of advertising”

 – Milton Hershey
Engagement Tracking

Uncover vital insights into how your emails are performing with detailed tracking of open and view rates. Analyze the data to optimize success!

Email Templates

Enhance your lead nurturing process by crafting an expansive library of email templates! Carefully curate and produce communications that resonate with each unique consumer for maximum engagement.

Design beautiful emails in minutes.
Design Studio

Unleash your creativity and design stunning emails that capture the attention of readers. Craft beautiful messages with ease thanks to our innovative solution!

Popular Features

Lead Capture Forms

Tap into your website’s potential and turn online forms into lead-generating opportunities! Unlock the door to new customer relationships with lead forms.

Website Visitor Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your website visitors’ behavior by quickly and easily capturing email respondents visiting your website(s). Leverage the power of actionable intelligence to make better decisions in real time!

Marketing Lists

By utilizing tags, you can easily create segmented lists that will help maximize your marketing efforts. Harness the power of targeted campaigns to boost engagement and increase returns on investment.

Email Campaigns

Maximize your marketing impact with customized email campaigns tailored to specific audiences. Generate greater engagement and conversions from an effective strategy that reaches the right people, at the right time!

Follow-up Sequences

Automate your customer follow-ups and interactions with email sequences, ensuring efficient communication to take the hassle out of staying in touch.

Personalized Messaging

Make your messages unique and memorable with customized email sender info! Personalize the experience for every recipient by adding a personal touch that reflects you or your organization.

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Mothernode is a revolutionary software solution that delivers both user-friendly simplicity and robust business capabilities – a perfect fit for companies of any size. Get the one platform you’ll need to grow and better manage your business. Start your LIVE DEMO today!

Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved