Master your Selling Process

Take charge of your sales strategy and enjoy tangible results. Unlock new levels of productivity to maximize deal-closing success!

Easy to use, easy to adopt

Hit the ground running with Mothernode’s easy-to-use platform that simplifies sales and activity management. Keep your sales processes organized and efficient with our intuitive user interface designed for maximum productivity.

Boost sales and increase productivity

Streamline your sales process and drive success with clearly-presented data that’s both meaningful, intuitive, easy-to-navigate. Spend less time on data entry and more time closing deals.

Focus on opportunities that matter most

Mothernode helps empower better sales decisions with its prioritization capabilities, making sure you and your team stay on top of the most essential tasks, and giving you the tools to take your sales performance to the next level.

Maximize profitability and grow your pipeline with more input channels

Make it easy to close more business by managing your deals efficiently. Unlock the potential for increased sales and revenue today with Mothernode.
Pipeline Visibility

Mothernode helps you stay on top of your sales game by ensuring that only the most important opportunities get your attention. Leverage our powerful platform to target high-value leads and maximize success!
Sales Management

Keep track of all activities, people, appointments, goals, and conversations in one convenient place. Mothernode helps you make sure you never miss opportunities to make new connections and close deals.
Calendar Integration

Mothernode seamlessly integrates with two of the most widely used calendar programs – Google Calendar and Outlook 365. Adding and maintaining follow-ups, appointments, and next steps is fast and easy.

Popular Features

Email Templates

Quickly and effectively reach your prospects with standardized email templates. Reduce communication administration time and deliver a consistent message at every step of your workflow.

Report Automation

Set and forget! Get automated reports emailed to you whenever you want them. Mothernode simplifies the tedious task of manual report writing, while you get more done.

Events and Follow-ups

Keep on top of your schedule with our easy-to-use tracking and follow-up features. Mothernode lets you journal your sales activity, for each opportunity in a sequence of events.

Lead Capture Forms

Tap into your website’s potential and turn online forms into lead-generating opportunities! Unlock the door to new customer relationships with lead forms.

Sales Collaboration

Keep communication where it belongs, within your Mothernode records. With effective collaboration throughout your workflow, teams are empowered to reach higher levels of success together.

Quote Integration

Create professional quotations for your prospects with ease, enabling you to quickly move opportunities forward. Mothernode lets you produce even the most complex estimates quickly.

Outlook 365 Integration

Maximize your Mothernode sales performance by leveraging Outlook 365 integration. Instantly sync contacts and calendars, sales activity, and streamline communication for increased business efficiency!

Marketing Automation

Bolster your sales team’s reach by connecting contacts with personalized drip sequences, over time increasing conversions and establishing customer relationships.


Easily close deals by taking advantage of our automated task and milestone creation! Make sure you stay on top of your sales objectives with no extra effort.

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Mothernode is a revolutionary software solution that delivers both user-friendly simplicity and robust business capabilities – a perfect fit for companies of any size. Get the one platform you’ll need to grow and better manage your business. Start your LIVE DEMO today!

Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved